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I'm a Genius: The big science lab

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Explore the fascinating world of science safely with this fantastic lab and have fun with five unique and informative experiences. Reproduce a volcanic eruption and discover the secrets of optics with a real periscope to make and the famous record of Newton! Searches the block of plaster with paleontologist instruments and uncovers the skeleton of the fierce T. Rex shining in the dark. Then, with the human skeleton to recompose, the anatomy will have no secret for you! finally, between the world of botany thanks to your Magic Garden and take care of several species of small plants. All experiences are explained in a simple way in the illustrated manual, where you will find a lot of information about science. Contents: - Human skeleton to be recomposed - Plasterboard to search with the skeleton of T.Rex - Palaeontologist tools - Periscope to manufacture - Mirrors - Newton's wheel and disk - Magical garden - Pots - Curved - Grain - Plastic volcano - Reactive Reagents for Rash -2 Containers and Syringe - Protective Glove - Illustrated Manual - 8+ Years
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