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7 Wonders (FR)

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Build an architectural marvel that will transcend future times! A game is played in three "Ages" of 6 turns. At the beginning of each Age, players receive 7 cards. An Age has 6 rounds of play during which participants will put a card into play that will allow them to perform one of three actions: build a building, build a stage of Wonder, or receive 3 pieces of gold. Constructions require the supply of resources that will be produced by the player's Wonder Board, by some cards, or by trading with neighboring cities. At the end of an Age, players compare the number of shield symbols on their military buildings with the total of each of the two nearby cities. If a player has a higher total than a nearby city, he takes a Victory token. Once the third and last Age has elapsed, players count all their resources (buildings, treasures, etc.). The one with the most points wins.7 Wonders is a strategy game for 3 to 7 players with an "expert" variant for 2 players.2 to 7 players10 years and over
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